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In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of beauty, eyebrows stand out as a particularly dynamic duo. But as trends come and go, one thing remains certain: everyone wants “I woke up like this” brows. And now, thanks to the latest (and most exciting!) development in brow-tech, they can have them and better than ever.

Introducing Nano Brows

As a Melbourne based beauty salon specializing in all things brows, we’re hearing a lot about this exciting new (and very trendy) kid on the block.

When it comes to eyebrow trends 2023, nano brows don’t just claim the top spot; they own it. Just as the hype around eyebrow microblading hit a fever pitch, a newer, more natural, and gentle version of the technique arose.

As a more effective and, frankly – better - semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo alternative, nano brows are here to stay. And while still a newcomer, this new addition to the brow industry is being touted as the best technique for brow tattooing. So…

What is nano brow?

In a nutshell: nano brow - machine hairstroke is a semi-permanent makeup technique that creates very fine, realistic brows.

Using minuscule deposits of pigment, hairline strokes are drawn onto the brow area to mimic the appearance of natural brows.

How does nano brow work?

Nano brows starts with an handheld device in the hand of a trained professional. On one end is their steady hand. On the other, a single, ultra-sharp nanoneedle that’s designed to mimic the diameter and dimension of real hair for an impossibly natural look.

This needle scratches the skin ever so precisely and subtly in a hairline stroke formation, moving away the top layers and depositing pigment underneath.

So, one by one, individual brows are ‘drawn’ onto the brow area, evoking a volumizing effect. Then, reaching carefully yet deeply into the skin’s layers, the pigment deposits essentially become ‘trapped.’ And there they stay for some time, giving nano brow its semi-permanent credentials.

Sound a lot like Microblading to you?

You’re right! Both techniques are similar, and they intend to produce the same naturally volumized brow look. However, while both claim membership of the same beauty-tech family, much like eyebrows, these techniques are cousins, not siblings.

How is Nano Brow Different from Microblading?

Nano brows and microblading brows are so-called hairstroke brows. Both cosmetic tattoo techniques aim to enhance the brows and give them volume by drawing on extra hairs.

And their similarities stop there.

Nano Brows vs Microblading – the Key Differences


Speaking of device, microblading uses a collection of mini needles - like a blade (manual tool), while nano brow uses a single super precise needle with a tattoo machine.


Due to using a single needle, nano brow technique causes minimal damage/ trauma to the skin. As a result, the process is relatively pain-free, and the healing process is considerably shorter than that of microblading. Less inflammation and less scabbing.


Nano Brows cause Less trauma and scabbing means the pigments will stay on better and more true to color.

Microblading normally cut a bit deeper into the skin and create more scab formation. As the result, the pigment will leave the skin with the scabs.

Nano Brow or Microblading: Which is Better?

While microblading and nanoblading are both wonderful, first-rate techniques for achieving your dream brows, we’re ready to admit that one is a clear winner.

Designed to be an improvement upon microblading technology, nano brow was masterminded with ‘better’ in mind. And as the concept became a reality and began to be applied in beauty clinics worldwide, it’s clear this lofty goal has been achieved (and maybe even surpassed!)

But why exactly is nano brow better?

· Lasts longer than microblading.

· Creates a more ‘fuller’ look.

· Customizable for each individual.

· A quicker, easier healing process.

· Nano brow tools allow for more controlled application than microblading for ultra-precise hair strokes.

Looking at a ‘nanobrow before and after’ compared to that of microblading shows a clear improvement, with nano brows benefiting from that natural, ultra-precise ‘edge.’

How long do nano brows last?

Nano brows with an average lifespan of 1-2 years. However, the outcome is highly individual and primarily depends on your skin type.

Those with oily complexions often experience a faster fade time, while drier skin tends to hold the pigment for longer.

However, like with most semi-permanent cosmetic procedures, regular touch-ups can help reset the clock for optimal, long-lasting results.

Get Your Nano Brows Today

Here at Le Brows & Beauty, we’re proud to be one of the first practitioners of nano brow technique in Melbourne. To us, this isn’t only a new eyebrows trend, but a mean by which we can fulfil our clients beauty dreams, and help them to feel their best selves.

So, if you’re asking yourself, "where are nano brows near me?” We have the answer!

Brow Artist Melbourne

As one of the only beauty clinics offering nano brows in the Melbourne area, we’ve become the go-to for many locals and beyond. And we’re always happy to welcome more people to the beauty regime-revolutionizing world of nano brows. We’d be delighted to walk you through your first experience of nano brows. From start to finish, your eyebrows are safe in the hands of our professional and highly-qualified brow experts. And, after just two hours, you’ll be the proud owner of your new dream brows!

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We’ll gladly arrange a consultation to see if nano brow is a good option for you. Or, if you can’t wait – feel free to place a booking. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into our brow clinic.

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